The HUG Project Thailand is preventing, protecting, and restoring children from sexual abuse and human trafficking.

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By partnering with police, schools, communities, families, and children themselves, HUG is helping to bring JUSTICE to those who harm children sexually, and HEALING to child survivors.

The HUG Project founder, Boom Mosby, has been recognized by the US State Department as a Trafficking In Persons HERO (the first Thai woman to receive this honor) and by Vital Voices as a Global Leader in Human Rights.

The HUG Project is a Project of:

Children deserve to live in freedom from sexual harm.

The Reality: 1 in 6 children will endure sexual abuse.

The vast majority will never report it.

95% of abuse will be perpetrated by

someone the child knows, loves, and trusts.





The problem is huge and growing- especially in Southeast Asia, where technology, travel, and tourism are conspiring to make it easier to harm vulnerable kids on a massive scale.

The HUG Project Thailand is working to:

Educating young people to protect themselves in person and online.

Empowering law enforcement to administer justice while treating victims with care and respect.

Encouraging child survivors toward healing and healthy, independent adulthood.

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“We can be an agent of change. We need to break the culture of silence. We need to speak up and we need to fight for each other.”

– HUG Founder, Boom Mosby

 The HUG Project Thailand has internationally-recognized expertise in working against child sexual exploitation and child sex-trafficking.

We passionately pursue safety, protection and justice for children through partnerships with government policy makers, law enforcement, the justice system, NGO partners and the Thai school system.

We also work directly with survivors of sexual exploitation and abuse to see that their rights are honored, they are treated with dignity, and they receive justice without enduring further trauma. We help them make the most of the opportunities they receive to restore their lives with their families and communities.

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