Polo Shirts and Miracles

This past month our team had been been notified of a court warrant, and we spent many weeks searching for one child who needed to testify. We tried to ask his friends and even sent the police team to find him, but had no success. There was almost no hope. The last night before the trial, I prayed and believed that God will work his magic when it came to this uncontrollable situation. At 9.30 pm., the boy sent me a text saying ‘I am hungry, can you come feed me?’ I rushed out with a few staff to meet him to make sure he would be ready for court the next day. We met him and took him to eat. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a marijuana leaf pattern and had ripped jeans. He said these were the only clothes he owns. We took him to get a polo shirt, a new pair of jeans, a belt, and underwear. He lifted up the polo shirt and told us that this is the shirt he always wanted. His face broke out into a huge smile. Miracles happen!